Introducing a brand new, inclusive, and totally accessible escape room experience:


What’s more, no matter where each team member is located, everyone can play.

Join the game from anywhere in the country and work as a team to solve the puzzles and crack the clues in 60 minutes.

*Great fun

*Anyone can play and from anywhere

*Just like doing the real thing but no travel required

*New challenges regularly added


How does it work?

  • Book your game for the number of people who want to take part and provide us with email addresses for all players.
    Individual players can access the game from totally different geographical locations if required.
  • We send you a unique session ID for login from any computer.
  • Your 1-hour session starts at your allotted time once everyone has joined the game.
  • You will receive a brief introduction from one of our Games Masters, who will remotely show you the first room.
  • Once the game has started, you tell the ‘hands in the room’ what to do, what to look at and for further information, such as reading out instructions or giving you clues (if you need them).
  • You receive a ‘joker card’ to play during the game, which will give you the answer to one of the clues: think carefully when to play it 🙂

After your remote escape game has finished

Once your remote escape game has finished and you have (hopefully!) escaped successfully, you will receive a score and an online certificate. We may also ask you for some feedback, though this is not obligatory.

Prices and Early Bird Special Offer

£7.99 per person for bookings taken and completed before 31 May
£12.99 per person thereafter

Invaders House

Minimum 4 players . Maximum 10 players

The city is under siege and you’ve been locked in an old abandoned house, as prisoners. But if you can find a way to break free of your chains and escape before invaders strike, you might just survive…

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Who are ‘The hands in the Room’?

Each experience will be run by one of our specially trained Games Masters. You will see what they see and will be able to direct them as you wish to help discover information, unlock locks and progress through the room.

It won’t be the same as actually being there, will it?

Feedback from initial customers who have tried our remote escape rooms suggests these escape experiences are just as challenging, if not more so! You can see everything you need to and, most importantly you can share it with anyone, anywhere. Give it a go.

Is it more expensive?

No – it is typically cheaper than most escape rooms. Take into consideration the cost of travel, parking and babysitters, and this new experience can give you the fun you are seeking at a much lower cost.

Can we ask for clues?

Yes you can. You can have unlimited clues although your Success Score will go down for each clue you request. The Success Score gives you a point for every minute below 60 when you escape and gives a minus point for every minute above. It also deducts 3 points for every clue that is asked – so it is possible to escape but score less well than someone who takes a little longer but doesn’t ask for help. You also have the option to play your joker card – the answer to a clue on which you are particularly stuck.

Are these real escape rooms?

Yes they are – it is possible to visit them and play in the traditional way. The only difference is that one or two of the clues are changed – made bigger for example – to make sure you can see through the camera.

What age ranges can play?

We offer three different age groups, with clues adjusted to suit:
– Adult (16+)
– Young adult (13-16)
– Child (10-13)

I am disabled – are there any restrictions?

At the moment, the main requirements are that you can see the video feed and hear what the Games Master is saying. Other than that there are no restrictions. We will be looking at how we offer experiences to those with restricted sight and hearing for the future.

Can I really play with anyone, anywhere?

Yes, it is really that simple. Your team can all access the game from different locations as necessary. As long as each player has access to a computer and browser, they can play. Instructions are very simple and will be sent via email before the game. One click is all it takes to start the process.

Can I take a recording of my session?

Yes you can although you are not permitted to post online or to reveal the secrets of the rooms to others. We will ask you to sign a waiver that prevents you from giving away details of our rooms.

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