Calling all questers, thrillseekers & road junkies! VIRE Road Quest: Nuclear Countdown has finally landed across the South East!

That’s right! Our ACTION-PACKED car-based challenge games are now in full swing across Herts, Bucks, Wilts, Essex, Kent, Hants, East Anglia & Cambridgeshire – and you’re all invited!

From The Escape Games Company comes VIRE Road Quest, a UK first, COVID-safe twist on the escape game experience, offering a SUPERCHARGED day-out for questers across the South of England.

Based in & around UK towns, Road Quest places players at the heart of a storyline unlike any other! Britain’s nuclear defence system has been hijacked; the launch codes stolen by a network of cryptic international mercenaries, intent on selling them on to a rogue national government…. 

From a working mobile device, players will receive audiovisual clues & instructions from the mastermind behind the hijacking, who demands a sizable ransom in exchange for the return of the launch codes. 

Using your GREATEST judgement & problem-solving skills, you’ll be tasked with traversing his mind-games, puzzles & challenges. Drive to the locations, beat the trials & secure the codes, the fate of the world is in your hands!

From fun-filled family afternoons to exhilarating away days, Road Quest is designed to boost creative-thinking, collaboration & challenge your inner codebreaker, as you battle for victory in a totally fresh & memorable way to explore the local area – what’s not to love?

Tempted? We believe there are a TONNE of reasons to Road Quest right now, but to make things easier, we’ve condensed them down to SEVEN main points to inspire your next epic mission.

So rally your comrades, buckle your seatbelts and let our 7 Reasons to Road Quest give you that little extra nudge out of your front door – IT’S QUESTING TIME!

Test your mettle:

Road Quest is designed above all to offer a fun & enlightening experience, but don’t expect a walk in the park! After all, it is an escape game!

Our clues, puzzles & trials are accessible for people of all ages and offer a superb way to put your team’s problem-solving wits to the test, resulting in an exciting & lively challenge for all involved.

REMEMBER: The criminals are cunning; they want you to fail in your quest and will stop at nothing to ensure you do so. You’ll absolutely need to bring your thinking caps!

Get Out & About in the Outdoors:

To put it lightly, we’ve spent far too much time indoors over the last year. It’s time to break free from those sofa shackles and adventure into the outdoor world! 

Road Quest is designed with outside-thinkers in mind. We’ve built the game around a 50/50 time-split, meaning that half of your 90 minute quest will be spent outside of the car in the fresh air, exploring outdoor sites on-foot & solving cryptic challenges. It’s time to think outside, no box required!

Explore your Local Area in a New Light:

With clues, puzzles & launch codes scattered around the area, there’s no telling where you might end up! Not to mention, your mission is entirely at the whim of a crooked criminal mastermind, battling to throw you off the scent!

Whether you’re a long-term local native or a first-time visitor to the area, Road Quest gives you a great opportunity to explore in a totally fresh & unique light – who knows what you might discover?

Great Fun for Kids ? Great Fun for Parents

From corporate to kids to grandparents – our car-based challenge games make an epic day out for just about anyone!  All you need is a designated driver with a car & full UK driving licence to kickstart your mission!

We pride our games on being fun and engaging for EVERYONE. In fact, being inclusive is one of our STRONGEST values at VIRE and we try where possible to make our experiences as accessible & tailorable as they can be. Young children are welcome to join in their family’s quest, though we recommend a minimum age of 7 years to participate fully. 


Exciting, realistic & tension-fuelled fun for just £19.99 per car – What an absolute bargain!


It’s been a strange old year, and we understand that for many, concerns & worries around the pandemic are ever-present. 

Road Quest is designed to give players an EPIC experience within the comfort of full social distancing & COVID-safety measures. From sanitising our props after each game to offering protective masks, you can rest assured that your quest is in safe hands.

All-Weather Action:

Don’t let the weather put a dampener on your mission! Road Quest makes for a brilliant day out no matter the weather – come rain or shine!

A large portion of the quest is based outside, so weather gear & walking shoes are advised for adverse conditions. 


Road Quest adventure games are 90 minutes in duration and can be booked in advance at, with slots available across the weekend.

Convinced? We thought so! And here’s an extra little reason to Road Quest on us: right now you can save 33% on all experiences across 15 locations until the end of the year!

Bookings available in: Andover, Aylesbury, Bishop’s Stortford, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Southend, Tunbridge Wells & Winchester.