2302, 2022

Aylesbury, the worst place to live, you’ve got to be joking?

Is Aylesbury really as bad as the polls suggested?


OK, so let’s jump into this; how have they got this one so wrong? Aylesbury was recently voted as the worst town to live in England; how has this brilliant place made the list at all. With Huddersfield were aiming for the top spot in this one, they were to be pipped by who? Who, Aylesbury? Surely not.

Aylesbury and us!

Since 2018 our Virtual Reality and Escape Room business has called Aylesbury home, and honestly, we’re pretty proud to say that! It’s safe to say we’ve enjoyed every minute of our tenure, and that’s why we couldn’t quite believe our eyes when we first saw these rankings. However, there does seem to be a bit of the Eurovision Song Contest going on where every vote is swayed by those who do and don’t like the other. Even with that being said, who doesn’t like little old Aylesbury?

What’s on offer in Aylesbury?

Firstly, the people have been a constant pleasure in Aylesbury. Since opening our doors, we’ve met thousands of interesting people of all ages. There hasn’t been a single moment where we would have called anyone anything other than pleasant.

The town itself is bustling and full of interest. The town management is second to none, and with cinema, theatre, myriad restaurants, leisure centre and, of course, escape rooms, the town is better served than most. Add a splash of Anglo-Saxon history into the mix, and you’ve got a pretty fantastic town if you ask us.

What do we bring to Aylesbury?

Well, what we offer at Vire Zone is completely incomparable to anyone else in the entertainment sector. Our product offering has lots of variance; you’d be mistaken if you thought that we only bring great escape rooms to this brilliant town. In fact, our Aylesbury centre has a bespoke Nerf Arena, Virtual Reality Experiences, Retro Games Events and lots more.

So, if you’re looking for something to do in Aylesbury, or you’re looking for an escape room near you, follow the link below.

So, who voted?

Come forward, roll up, head down to Vire Zone, and we will show you why this town certainly didn’t deserve its recently acquired status. Let’s have some fun and highlight why Aylesbury shouldn’t have made the list at all.

For more information about what we offer, get in touch with us today! Follow the link below, send a message or keep it old school and give us a call. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Aylesbury town centre

Aylesbury town centre


1602, 2022

 Five common Escape Room mistakes

Are you making any of the most common escape room mistakes?

If you’re a fan of good fun, we are guessing you’ve probably tried an escape room by now, likelihood is you’ve probably made a mistake or two along the way. If you haven’t tried one, don’t zone out, as this blog is just as useful for you! When it comes to having a good time and challenging yourself, escape games are the most fun you can have whilst locked in a room.

Due to the variety of skills needed to perform well in an escape room, our hubs attract audiences of ages and provide a thoroughly versatile and, most of all, fun experience. The true beauty of taking on one of our rooms is that everything is there and laid out for you. All you need to bring is your brains, which is sometimes easier said than done.

So, in this blog, we will give you a heads-up regarding some of the most common escape room mistakes. We will talk you through the things you want to avoid doing if you are going to succeed when you next visit us.

Let’s do this!


Escape Room Mistake 1: Failing to communicate / Keeping information to yourself

We understand that everyone who walks through our doors wants to be the best; it’s human nature, after all. However, once you’re locked in the room with your teammates, to quote Highschool Musical, you’re all in this together. There’s nothing more detrimental to the team’s overall success than members who fail to communicate. If you see a pattern, sequence, or anything you think might be valuable, speak up and let everyone in the room know.

The more eyes on those clues, the more varied the logic to figure them out. Work as a team first and foremost, share and keep nothing too close to your chest.


Escape Room Mistake 2: Arriving with a closed mind

As you probably know, we have Vire Escape Rooms in Aylesbury, Hemel Hempstead and Stonham Barns. We also have The Strategy Escape Rooms in Sunderland and several outdoor escape-based experiences. So, to say we know a fair amount about escape rooms would be an understatement. It’s a strange thing to be called an expert at, but we suppose we don’t mind; it has a nice ring to it. “Escape Room Experts”, yes, let’s go with that!

As experts, we stress that we still don’t enter any room we haven’t played with a know-it-all attitude, as it’s very detrimental. We advise arriving at an escape room venue with an open mind and a clear and logical approach. Every room is different, and therefore, just because you have performed well in the past doesn’t mean you will today!

Find the location of your nearest venue below.


Escape Room Mistake 3: Arguing

The biggest ‘no no’ on the list is, without a doubt, arguing. We know they’ll be some of you reading this thinking, “no way do people actually argue when they are supposed to be having fun”. Trust us, they do. In fact, it’s far more common than you may think, and some of it is down to us.

As builders of escape rooms, we aim to create situations and surroundings that make you uncomfortable. We plant distractions within the spaces and tricks to lead you down the wrong path entirely. But that’s the beauty of the challenge. Whatever you do, don’t get angry and lose your temper, firstly because you’ll regret it! Secondly, it will affect all of your team’s concentration.

There’s no I in team, but there is a U in temper tantrum.


Escape Room Mistake 4: Rushing ahead

One of the most common mistakes made whilst tackling an escape room is that one player fixates on rushing ahead. In almost every game, we see this happen, whether it means trying to solve the combination on a lock when you don’t have the clues or attempting to decipher a problem when you don’t have all the information.

The key to understanding the necessary path to take is to gather all of the information and work backwards; if you have noticed something interesting or valuable, it doesn’t have to be used at this moment. Just breathe and continue gathering all of those clues.


Escape Room Mistake 5: Not Asking For Clues

No matter what Escape Room you attend, the designer of that room wants you to have a brilliant time. Your gamemaster will be watching over you to make sure you are heading in the correct direction so that you have the utmost fun in the room. Therefore, no matter how much pride you have, ask for clues if you get stuck.

All of the information that we share with you is designed to help improve your experience. We will often offer clues if you are running behind time to speed you along and help you figure out what happens next. So, if you’re really stuck, just speak out; we can offer a helping hand.



At Vire, we pride ourselves on being a multi-experience company that focuses on building bespoke experiences for all those who visit us. Across all of our centres, you’ll find that no job is ever too big or too small. If it’s an incredibly memorable birthday party you’re looking for or a fully catered VR experience, we’ve got something for you.

Simply follow the link below to find out more about what we have to offer.


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2607, 2021

7 Reasons to Road Quest: Nuclear Countdown

Calling all questers, thrillseekers & road junkies! VIRE Road Quest: Nuclear Countdown has finally landed across the South East!

That’s right! Our ACTION-PACKED car-based challenge games are now in full swing across Herts, Bucks, Wilts, Essex, Kent, Hants, East Anglia & Cambridgeshire – and you’re all invited!

From The Escape Games Company comes VIRE Road Quest, a UK first, COVID-safe twist on the escape game experience, offering a SUPERCHARGED day-out for questers across the South of England.

Based in & around UK towns, Road Quest places players at the heart of a storyline unlike any other! Britain’s nuclear defence system has been hijacked; the launch codes stolen by a network of cryptic international mercenaries, intent on selling them on to a rogue national government…. 

From a working mobile device, players will receive audiovisual clues & instructions from the mastermind behind the hijacking, who demands a sizable ransom in exchange for the return of the launch codes. 

Using your GREATEST judgement & problem-solving skills, you’ll be tasked with traversing his mind-games, puzzles & challenges. Drive to the locations, beat the trials & secure the codes, the fate of the world is in your hands!

From fun-filled family afternoons to exhilarating away days, Road Quest is designed to boost creative-thinking, collaboration & challenge your inner codebreaker, as you battle for victory in a totally fresh & memorable way to explore the local area – what’s not to love?

Tempted? We believe there are a TONNE of reasons to Road Quest right now, but to make things easier, we’ve condensed them down to SEVEN main points to inspire your next epic mission.

So rally your comrades, buckle your seatbelts and let our 7 Reasons to Road Quest give you that little extra nudge out of your front door – IT’S QUESTING TIME!

Test your mettle:

Road Quest is designed above all to offer a fun & enlightening experience, but don’t expect a walk in the park! After all, it is an escape game!

Our clues, puzzles & trials are accessible for people of all ages and offer a superb way to put your team’s problem-solving wits to the test, resulting in an exciting & lively challenge for all involved.

REMEMBER: The criminals are cunning; they want you to fail in your quest and will stop at nothing to ensure you do so. You’ll absolutely need to bring your thinking caps!

Get Out & About in the Outdoors:

To put it lightly, we’ve spent far too much time indoors over the last year. It’s time to break free from those sofa shackles and adventure into the outdoor world! 

Road Quest is designed with outside-thinkers in mind. We’ve built the game around a 50/50 time-split, meaning that half of your 90 minute quest will be spent outside of the car in the fresh air, exploring outdoor sites on-foot & solving cryptic challenges. It’s time to think outside, no box required!

Explore your Local Area in a New Light:

With clues, puzzles & launch codes scattered around the area, there’s no telling where you might end up! Not to mention, your mission is entirely at the whim of a crooked criminal mastermind, battling to throw you off the scent!

Whether you’re a long-term local native or a first-time visitor to the area, Road Quest gives you a great opportunity to explore in a totally fresh & unique light – who knows what you might discover?

Great Fun for Kids 🤝 Great Fun for Parents

From corporate to kids to grandparents – our car-based challenge games make an epic day out for just about anyone!  All you need is a designated driver with a car & full UK driving licence to kickstart your mission!

We pride our games on being fun and engaging for EVERYONE. In fact, being inclusive is one of our STRONGEST values at VIRE and we try where possible to make our experiences as accessible & tailorable as they can be. Young children are welcome to join in their family’s quest, though we recommend a minimum age of 7 years to participate fully. 


Exciting, realistic & tension-fuelled fun for just £19.99 per car – What an absolute bargain!


It’s been a strange old year, and we understand that for many, concerns & worries around the pandemic are ever-present. 

Road Quest is designed to give players an EPIC experience within the comfort of full social distancing & COVID-safety measures. From sanitising our props after each game to offering protective masks, you can rest assured that your quest is in safe hands.

All-Weather Action:

Don’t let the weather put a dampener on your mission! Road Quest makes for a brilliant day out no matter the weather – come rain or shine!

A large portion of the quest is based outside, so weather gear & walking shoes are advised for adverse conditions. 


Road Quest adventure games are 90 minutes in duration and can be booked in advance at, with slots available across the weekend.

Convinced? We thought so! And here’s an extra little reason to Road Quest on us: right now you can save 33% on all experiences across 15 locations until the end of the year!

Bookings available in: Andover, Aylesbury, Bishop’s Stortford, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Southend, Tunbridge Wells & Winchester.

303, 2020

Family Escape Rooms: a good idea?

Family Escape Rooms: a good idea?

Escape rooms can be challenging right?  If you’re having issues with family dynamics, why would doing an escape room be in any way a good idea? Well let us stop you right there… because in actual fact, doing an escape room could be just the tonic you need.  Honestly.

No matter how young or old, no matter how many family members, tackling an escape room en famille can be an incredibly fulfilling experience.  Here are the reasons, and our top tips for family escape room success:

Why is doing an escape room as a family such a rewarding experience?

Reason 1: Quality family time

Yes it’s time to come together, and remember that actually you can be quite effective when you work as a team! If you manage to beat the room, you will leave on a high, naturally – however even if you don’t, you will have a great time trying to solve the clues.

Reason 2: You recognize each other’s strengths

It’s unlikely everyone in your family is good at exactly the same thing. So celebrate your differences!

Divide up the tasks and you’ll find one person is better at maths, another at word clues, another at thinking outside the box, another at practical clues.  Whatever puzzles you find in your escape room, you’ll also gain  some interesting insights into the family skillset.

Reason 3: Improved communication skills

You’ll never beat an escape room without good communication skills.  You need to COMMUNICATE with each other clearly throughout the challenge, so that every member of the family knows what’s going on and can chip in their thoughts to solve the clues. Good communication skills are skills well worth having and honing, whatever you’re doing in life.

Reason 4: Fully immersive – no distractions, no phones! 

At last, an activity you can do as a family where phones and gadgets don’t get in the way.

Reason 5: Satisfying

If you manage to escape, congratulations, and very well done 🙂  You can go home and know your family rocked it! If you didn’t escape, you’ll still feel an uplifting sense of satisfaction: you tried your best, you all contributed, and you probably succeeded in solving many of the puzzles and had great fun along the way.  Escape rooms are known to be great for your brain, eliciting positivity and improved concentration and communication skills.  Win win.

Top Tips for Family Escape Room Success

1). We’ve said it before, communicate!

2). Recognise each other’s strengths.

3). Be patient: take the time to explain clues to any younger members of the family – you might just find they come up with the answers before you do.

4). Distribute tasks – for example younger children love looking for clues, the ultimate treasure hunt.

5). Give one family member the role of time-keeper so you can keep your eye on the time.

6). Don’t take over, you are most likely to succeed if everyone is involved!


For more information about any of our escape rooms, click here

Most of our escape rooms in Aylesbury, Hemel Hempstead and Bishop’s Stortford are suitable for children aged 10+. Should you be doing an escape room as a family and have younger members aged 10-13 joining you, our team can provide additional clues and help along the way so that you have the best possible experience.  We also have junior escape room at all our venues for children aged 6-9 years old – perfect for kids seeking a challenge they can do with their friends as opposed to their parents.  Contact us for more information on 0330 303 0888 or email


2201, 2020

KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTIES: We care about parents too!

KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTIES: We care about parents too!

Sometimes, when booking a kids birthday’s party, the part parents have to play is often overlooked.

Head Researcher, Chief Administrator, Bookings Officer, Head of Transport, Organisation Officer, Catering Manager and of course Financial Controller – the list is certainly long and often challenging!

No surprise then that arranging a child’s birthday party is one of life’s more stressful requirements… the very reason VIRE has made it a top priority to think about parents needs too.

Booking a birthday party couldn’t be easier

No joke. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So what do you get?

  • a simple, straightforward booking process.
  • flexible party options so we get everything absolutely right to suit your child, whether that be Nerf Wars followed by Virtual Reality games; a brilliant escape room then VR; or a mix of all three things ie escape room, Virtual Reality and Nerf Wars! You simply choose what you’d like and we can make it happen.
  • invites included in all our party options.
  • and best of all, full management of the party from start to finish – all meaning parents can cross some of their usual roles off of their long birthday list! We’ll also do all the clearing up after the party has finished, what’s not to love?

Bottom line?

It shouldn’t just be the kids saying they’ve had ‘the best birthday party ever.’  There’s no better sight than seeing a parent pick up a book, settle down with a coffee in our café, and relax, knowing their child’s special day is in good hands.

For more info about Kids Parties at Vire in Aylesbury, Bishop’s Stortford and Hemel Hempstead, click here. Please note, Nerf is only available at our Aylesbury and Bishop’s Stortford centres.

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