Escape from Ward 13, part of Mass Escapes Ltd, is a multi-group escape game and as such is our newest and most exciting project located at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

This brand new attraction is tipped to change the face of escape games in the UK.


  • Escape rooms are a very popular activity for many people in the UK.
  • High repeat and referral rates: people who do escape rooms tend to look for more escape room experiences
  • People will travel significant distances to do an activity that they are excited about
  • People love competitive games (eg paintballing, zombie games etc).  As soon as competition is added into the mix, there is a new level of excitement and engagement – quite simply, people want to win.

With Escape from Ward 13, customers will enjoy fun, challenges, competition and intrigue in a truly amazing, authentic environment.


The game will be housed at the National Paralympic Centre at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire – around one hour away from London.

The stadium also includes a hotel, swimming pool, gym, meeting rooms, catering and parking – a perfect combination for those who want to add additional activities to their day or for corporate groups wishing to have a full day meeting to be ended with team building activity.

The whole site is accessible, and the game will take full advantage to become disability friendly throughout.

Theme of the game

Set in a dimly lit, old dormitory, the new escape room has a semi-abandoned hospital theme complete with beds, shower room, bathrooms and long corridors.  There are many different rooms to explore, with a total area over 10,000sqft.  It truly is an amazing space for an escape experience.

The escape room will host up to 100 people at any one time in groups of minimum 4 and maximum of 8. Teams will register and book online at and compete to escape from the old hospital before the toxin that has been released in error takes effect.

Game players will have a role as patients in the hospital.  They escape by collecting codes that will give them access to a locker containing the antidote  – but there is less antidote than players!

To add interaction and increase the attraction of the game, the hospital will be staffed by actors as doctors, nurses and hospital personnel.

The Clues

The clues and puzzles in the abandoned hospital are very different to a typical escape room.
Traditionally, one clue leads to another until the last clue gives the final key to escape the room. Instead, clues and puzzles will provide individual letter codes when they are solved. Players collect the letters to enter into the antidote store to save themselves, escape the hospital and win the game.

This way, activities can be attempted in any order and, given there will be more clues that actually needed, can decide which activities to attempt and which to leave.


What is the geographical focus?  Focus will be on adults within a 20-mile radius of Aylesbury – a potential audience of nearly X million people.  The estimated customer base for escape rooms in the UK in 2018 was 3,500,000 every year and is growing (  A wide range of people, ages and backgrounds play escape room games so there is a very wide market for this game.

Is there an opportunity for corporate bookings?  YES. As well as offering games to the public each weekend, the format is perfect for corporate team building.  The structure of the game can easily change from a competitive to cooperative structure without any fundamental changes to the game.  Groups from 12 to 100 can take part.  For smaller groups only a subset of clues will be used, allowing repeat bookings to be made without repetition of the clue activities.

Stoke Mandeville Stadium has meeting rooms of various capacity, full catering facilities, a hotel and will allow guests to use the pool and gym as part of their corporate day (or days).

The game will be an important part of their booking but crucially can be part of a wider day – meaning that there is no need for extra transport or for finding two different venues.  And, there is potential to includes surprise activities for the participants, with the game built into the fabric of the day.

There are more than 415,000 companies in the South-East of England alone.  Those with 50 and above employees will be the main target of the new game. (


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